Who we are


Ruth Campbell - Director 

Ruth has a passion for people and places and truly cares about the individual’s experience of the urban realm. Ruth’s background is embedded in both research and practical experience allowing her to adapt to different scales when imagining spaces. From the micro to the macro level, Ruth has a deep understanding of the impact of scale on a space as a whole and how it affects the users experience. Ruth’s extensive research into psychological wellbeing in the urban realm allows her to see places through a unique lens. She thrives on creating places that engage people and designing places that instigate the potential for play at all ages. Her knowledge and experience enables her to approach each brief from the point of view of the user, focusing not just on the quality of the space itself, but on the quality of the lives lived in and around it.

Andrew Cadey - Director

Andrew combines the perfect balance of imagination and pragmatism. He believes strongly that high-quality design relies upon each detail being carefully considered and refined, regardless of scale, from initial sketch to finished building. This meticulous approach enables Andrew to create work of enduring quality. Symbiotic with his career as an architect Andrew has a parallel passion for architectural illustration that further explores the historic variety and detail of the buildings that surround us. His eye is often drawn towards the sometimes under-appreciated building or the incidental relationships between building styles. In conjunction with this is the fascinating but everyday detail of taste and utility, composition and scale.

Alice Marwood - Part II Architectural Assistant

Alice has a MA in Architecture from the Royal College of Art. Her final Master's project, which was chosen for the Sense of Humanity Curation by Paola Antonelli, was a narrative-led exploration of the Tibetan nomadic community and her research analysed how the community act as sensors for the global climate crisis through their knowledge of the taste of Pu’erh tea. Alice has developed a sensory and playful design methodology which goes hand in hand with our practice ethos. Her work seeks to create spaces, pieces of work and architecture that evoke emotions through utilising all five  senses. Her mural 'The Stolen Silence' was Shortlisted for 5th Kensington + Chelsea Art Week Mural competition. Before joining Campbell Cadey, Alice worked at Daria Wong architects.

Franca Carassai - Urban Designer & Architect

Franca, is an architect and urban designer with a love for cities. As an urban observer and an advocate of place-making, she strongly believes in people building cities for people. She believes that architecture and urban design can be tools for innovation and change, and is passionate about designing and creating more sustainable, safe and welcoming spaces in both the private and public realm. Through her travels and work between different cultures from Argentina to London, to Spain and Italy, she has gathered insights into the complexities of relationships between people and cities, and how they affect human behavior.

Adelaide Glover - Practice Manager 

Adelaide's project management experience and keen eye for detail helps keep the Campbell Cadey team organised. Adelaide joined Campbell Cadey after working in the environmental and social justice field for seven years, with much of her work focused on project and financial management, research and multi-stakeholder engagement. Her extensive knowledge of sustainability, and equality, diversity and inclusion issues has informed our policies and working practices. Adelaide has a Bsc and Msc in Climate Change and International Development from the University of East Anglia.

Lily Bakratsa - Landscape Architect

Lily’s design philosophy lies on bringing people together through the use of planting. Lily is a London-based landscape architect with a background in architecture and a diploma in practical horticulture. Her background in these disciplines gives her the advantage of having a holistic approach to design, regardless of whether she designs a building, a street, a greenspace or a mix of all three. She is the founder of It's All Green To Me, a design consultancy focusing on environmental friendly architecture, gardens and landscapes, as well as workshops aimed at inspiring people in urban environments to get their hands dirty, to explore their green surroundings using all their senses, and to think more deeply about nature and the way it works. Lily is also a part-time Lecturer in Garden & Planting Design, Capel Manor College, London. 

Andrea Lane - Architect

Andrea has a strong design led approach to building complimented with strong technical skills and plenty of practical build experience, both renovation and new build. She completed her own substantial building project whilst living in France for 4 years and recently moved to Cornwall where she works freelance and is currently building her own house in Falmouth. Andrea studied at the Mackintosh School in Glasgow and completed her architectural qualifications in London. Her experience covers residential, commercial, educational and zoological design, working at design led practices including Stirling Wilford, Grimshaw and Proctor and Matthews Architects.