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Peckham Landscape, London


Creating enjoyable and appealing spaces in an area of high density

Project Type:

Public realm/landscape

Lead Architect:

Macreanor Lavington

Landscape consultants: 

Campbell Cadey

Project management:


Planning consultant:


Working as landscape consultants to a larger practice has enabled us to further explore our previous research into psychological comfort in the urban realm.

This mixed use South London residential project; including a place of worship, retail and workspace, incorporates a variety of small scale public spaces, communal low level roof gardens and tower top roof terraces, providing the challenge of creating enjoyable and appealing spaces in an area of high density and in parts high altitude.

The demographic range of the users was fully explored when designing the variety of spaces that will allow users to truly engage with and inhabit the resultant places. Throughout the proposal play in its many different forms, has been used to curate a spatial language that responds not only to the needs of the children, but for every user.


Illustrative view of public realm landscape strategy

Proposed masterplan

Play and landscape precedents

Incidental play requires many of the things that allow us all to enjoy a space, from the civic space by the place of worship, towards an intimate mews feel.  Play has informed variety in texture and scale in  the roof terraces above, providing a comfortable multi-layered occupation both simultaneously  and at different times of day, providing spaces of different scale with varying degrees of privacy and shelter for activities. 

ML1801_Old Kent Road Illustratives Updat

Proposed landscape strategy

old kent road view saturation.png

Illustrative view of play at the site

Illustrative view of play at the site

Historic play precedents

High quality materials link the historical context with the architectural proposals using a richly textured and sensory planting palette to provide year round interest and biodiversity, but with an element of restraint that stops the scheme becoming too visually complex.

1703_PL_C_038_Colour P2 B.jpg

Communal amenity and play space strategy

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