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Friern Terrace, London


A full refurbishment and extension to a Victorian villa

Project Type:

An extension of a Victorian terraced home

Project Status:



© Penny Wincer 

The client approached us to look at how to transform the back of this victorian terrace from a dark  narrow kitchen into a bright, invigorating family space. The desire to make the house open plan and to maximise the internal space was also balanced by the desire to maintain usable garden space.

The ceiling heights were also very low and the site is sandwiched between two very low extensions either side, so the challenge was to create something which gave height and light.


Our response was to create an extension that kept the plan depth manageable and brought in as much light from different aspects as possible. The zinc clad kitchen with roof lights over the working area draws light into the drawing room behind, while the addition of a small reading room to the rear incorporates a window seat as well as sliding doors into the garden.

Linking out into the garden through the use of colour and materials was a key element of making the space feel as unified and spacious as possible.

Friern Terrace.jpg

Proposed layout

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