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Ruskin Park, South London 

A re-envisioned Edwardian Park in South London to provide an engaging and joyful space for the community

Project Type:


Project Status:

In progress

Project Partners:

Friends of Ruskin Park and Lambeth Council

We were commissioned to develop a strategic masterplan for this historic South London park in 2018. The park has had little investment over the past few years and was starting to show signs of neglect.


Our objective was to work with the beauty of the existing park, retaining and enhancing the existing character of the park and its beautiful landscape whilst producing a set of guidelines that could be followed during any future development of the park.


Proposed masterplan

Ruskin Park through the seasons

Throughout the masterplan process we conducted a number of key stakeholder interviews and held a public consultation event, with the aim of ensuring that the grand vision for the park ties in with the desires of the community as a whole. The park is a highly valued local resource and the response we received during the consultation process is testament to this.

Ruskin Park Fete Consultation

Illustrative views

The masterplan consists of three key principles:

  • Enhance and Maintain – improving maintenance throughout the park.

  • Legible Accessible and Safe – making the park welcoming and inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and are able to access and enjoy all aspects of the park.

  • Engaging and Joyful – allowing the community to get the most from their park though encouraging active engagement e.g. a cultural trail, a wide variety of sports, play and general wellbeing spaces.


The park has a vast range of existing natural assets and the strategic masterplan does not aim to reinvent it. Instead it aims to highlight ways that its natural beauty can be enhanced, and the park can be activated, allowing it to be an even greater resource for the local community.

Ruskin Park_Wellbeing Gardens.jpg

Historic precedents of local parks

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ruskin park cafe.png
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