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Peckham Townhouse, London 


A grand Victorian townhouse extended to create a seamless connection to the garden

Project Type:

Residential refurbishment and extension

Project Status:


This tall four storey semi-detached period home is set in a conservation area in South London. The lower floors were relatively dark and unwelcoming but there was a lot of potential to create a bright space for modern family life.


Our brief was to create a bright family living space and to improve the relationship with, and access to, the garden. Storage was also a key feature of the brief – providing plenty of concealed storage throughout the design was essential to provide the client with the space to accommodate their everyday needs.

Proposed lower ground and ground floor plans

A new rear extension seeks to integrate the characteristics of light and shade, solid and void to define a new extension to a rather solid and austere looking four storey brick victorian townhouse.


A new vertical element (a white rendered bay window) and horizontal element (a zinc canopy) aims to provide a contemporary feel to the lower two living levels of the home, enhancing the level of natural light and improving the day to day living relationship with the rear garden, whilst respecting the building’s period character.


Peckham townhouse_External view_2202_02_edited.jpg
Peckham Townhouse_axo.jpg

The  new bay window at the rear of the upper ground floor provides a double height space and a visual link between the raised ground floor and the lower ground floor below. The double height space above the dining area, large window openings and roof glazing aim to convey a feeling of space and a wealth of natural daylight.


A proposed double height library space adds interest and contrast, contributing to the overall effect of opening up and socially linking different levels of the home. 

Extending further into the garden, an overarching zinc clad canopy structure; reminiscent of a Victorian awning, delicately rests on discrete columns and a brick buttress wall to form a dining space extending from the existing house into the garden.


A visual weightlessness is formed where the glazed elements of  roof lights and full height doors and windows intricately weave themselves over, under and between the canopy, careful not to engage  with the canopy edges to achieve  a more fluid visual transition between internal  and  external spaces.

Views of the double height library space

External view of rear extension  (under construction)

Peckham Townhouse_Internal 2a.jpg

View looking up at the double height space 

The resulting extension  provides an interactive engagement with the existing solidity of the house with the garden, throwing an abundance of natural light into the  darker internal areas and an informal transition between inside and outside space that mediates between the  house and the garden.

elevation - copie.png

A sunken terrace with an outdoor dining area and surrounding planting leads off the kitchen and dining area to connect the lower ground floor of the home to the garden – enhancing natural light into the kitchen and diner and creating a much brighter living space.


Section through the townhouse

Peckham Townhouse_Bathroom_01.jpg
Peckham Townhouse_Bathroom_02.jpg

Views of the dining room extension (with @nestdesign curtain installation) 

Views of the family bathroom

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