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The Roundway, Haringey

A series of symbiotic and playable spaces for a residential development in North London 

Project Type:

Public realm/landscape strategy

Project Status:


Landscape Architect: Campbell Cadey

Our landscape strategy for The Roundway aims to create a series of symbiotic spaces that will improve wellbeing for residents and enhance the public realm. A number of high-quality, urban green spaces already exist in the space—one of which is Tower Gardens which was one of the first garden suburbs in the world. 


In order to accommodate the existing aesthetic, our strategy draws inspiration from the materials, surrounding spaces, communal front gardens, allotments and play areas already in use. 


Our aim is to provide communal amenity spaces that add to, rather than replicate, the existing provision. The site currently sits as a break in what is otherwise a lush landscape. The proposed development creates visual links throughout the site as well as serving to enhance the streetscape. 

2_2242-220316-RWY-Courtyard-IS-01 rc.jpg

CGI view of communal amenity spaces © Cityscape Digital

The spaces created can be broken down as follows:

  •  Street Frontage - We aim to create a comfortable environment in this space that will encourage people to not just pass through, but to stay and enjoy. 

  • Main Courtyard – The courtyard is a biodiverse space that provides small-scale walkability and the potential for use by multiple residents simultaneously. This space will serve as green link through the site. 

3_2111_03_Illustration 2_rooftop.jpg

Illustrative view of communal rooftop space

2242-220228-RWY-Roundway Elevation-IS-01 rc.jpg

CGI view of Church Lane street front © Cityscape Digital

Church Lane – This garden has a more residential scale with a character reminiscent of the surrounding communal gardens. It will include dense planting and naturalistic play facilities.


Front gardens – The front gardens are a historically significant space within the development. The goal is to create a space that actively engages with the streetscape rather than hide from it. 


Communal roof terraces - The roof terraces will provide additional opportunity for communal living with designated areas for play, urban food growing and other amenities. 

4_2111_03_Illustration 1_playspace.jpg

Illustrative view of  communal amenity space

Biodiversity and planting strategy:


A key principle in our planting strategy is the strengthening the existing habitats of the wider site area and improving the levels of biodiversity. We will accomplish this by reinforcing the existing plant communities of the area, increasing a range of habitats and promoting the diversity of flora and fauna. 

CGI view of Church Lane street front © Cityscape Digital

Play Strategy:


Our intention is to create a strategy that moves beyond traditional play equipment to create an inclusive, multi-generational play environment for all abilities. 


The communal amenity spaces will act as a back garden for residents and provide an opportunity for play. The design will be multi-functional and accommodate a variety of users throughout the day. Fulfilling every ele­ment of sustainability, these spaces enhance community, increase biodiversity and provide comfortable and existing places to enjoy.


The result of this strategy is the creation of biodiverse and multi-functional play spaces that enhance wellbeing, promote biodiversity and provide opportunity for play.

2242-220228-RWY-Route from RWY-IS-01.jpg
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