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Canada Water

2110_03_CW_Level 10_Residential terrace 1.jpg

A boldly sustainable landscape strategy for a new flagship development in South London

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Landscape  Consultants: Campbell Cadey

Our landscape strategy for a new development within the Canada Water Masterplan aims to create joyful and engaging spaces that benefit the community for years to come. 


Our analysis, design proposals and strategies for the site are aligned with the strategic goals for the Masterplan, while offering our unique expertise in play, mental health, horticulture, biodiversity and sustainability to create joyful and engaging spaces that benefit the community for years to come.

2110_Rendered_Roof plan--.jpg

Combined rooftop amenity plan


The design principles for the projects are as follows: 


Boldly sustainable 

The design aims to be sustainable in not only its horticulture - but in terms of community and inclusivity, encouraging diverse and imaginative play.


Community driving 

The spaces that we create will aim to draw people together - to connect with others in the building and as such me a driving force for community.

Wellbeing Strategy 

The  wellbeing strategy is also one of our key goals. We intend to build a community and sense of belonging by designing spaces where people can either socially gather or enjoy solitary time to themselves, as such they can feel that they can have their own control over the spaces.


Ecology and Sustainability

We aim to celebrate the ecological value of the site by strengthening local biodiversity at the same time introducing ecological planting design. 

Back gardens: 

The design contains two main communal amenity terraces that aim to be entirely playful, but also beautiful. Each are designed as an elegant series of spaces that trigger creative and imaginative play, community gatherings, quiet contemplation and a level of external privacy and comfort. 

2110_03_CW_Level 10_Residential terrace 2.jpg

Illustrative view of a communal  'back garden'




The design aims to be entirely playful, and beautiful. Providing space and triggers for creative and imaginative play, community gatherings, quiet contemplation and a level of external privacy and comfort by the breakdown of the different types of space. Benches are positioned to allow flexibility - and views out of and through the development, and planting is to be rich and diverse. 


Materials are designed to be durable and self-finishing, and the layout aims to create comfortable environments throughout the year. The Back Gardens aim to create spaces that supplement the existing balcony provision. An elegant series of spaces that provide doorstep play for not only the 0-5 age group but all ages. 


The aim is to create a space of regulated wildness - but nothing too pristine - that can provide: 

  • free play 

  • natural play mounds 

  • areas to sit and gather 

  • biodiverse and beautiful spaces

2110_03_CW_Level 4 Terrace RC.jpg

Illustrative view of an amenity space 

2110_GA_12_F1_Level 4_Section C-C-Rev C-01.jpg

Sectional view of an amenity space 


Office Terrace: 

The Office Terrace aims to provide a joyful space for the occupiers of the office with a significant amount of variety in types of use and space. 

The external environment allows the office users to break out from their internal working environment and enjoy a variety of types of recreation. 


The design aims to create: 


  • Spaces to exercise; 

  • Play; 

  • Outdoor meeting rooms; 

  • Rich and diverse planting for an enhanced sensory experience; 

  • Quiet nooks; and 

  • Space to socialise. 

2110_03_CW_Level 9_ Office Terrace.jpg

Illustrative view of office terrace

2110_GA_10_F2_Level 9_Section A-A-Rev C-01.jpg

Sectional view of office terrace

Canada Water intends to create green and open spaces for play, joy but also relax.  Our intention is to create a design strategy that moves beyond traditional greenery and play equipment to create an inclusive multi-generational play environment for all abilities.

Throughout the planting strategy we seek to deliver the highest standards in biodiversity, by reinforcing the existing plant communities of the area, enhancing this quality and range of habitats and promoting the diversity of flora and fauna.

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